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Upland Metaverse Game What are Upland Legits?

Upland Game Guide

It’s free to join Upland and using this referral link you can get a discount and/or UPX to start building your portfolio.

Quick Introduction to the Upland Game is a self-described ‘metaverse’ game that resembles a 21st-century version of the classic Monopoly board game. Upland game is built on the EOS mainnet blockchain.

The game allows you to buy, sell, trade, and build properties as NFT’s in a virtual incarnation of real-world cities. You can choose from a number of US cities with more planned for the future and no doubt on other continents too.

The game uses UPX as its currency which you can purchase with cash via PayPal or crypto. You begin with Visitor status and you begin by buying plots of land or properties. You should choose properties marked as FSA or Fair Start Act. FSA properties have a much lower price than normal ones. FSA properties are usually, 2k — 6k UPX so you can begin building your glorious portfolio!

Once you level up to Pro status, one up from Uplander status, FSA’s are no longer available to you and you have to trade with other players or send your block explorer to unminted non-FSA properties (not a huge number available in older cities).

Other Projects: if you’re interested in blockchain projects where you can earn similar crypto tokens like UPX in Upland you may like to look at the Pi Project — a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 23 million members worldwide and you can learn more by signing up here (USE REFERRAL CODE: gbaxendale) and if you’re a fan of Doctor Who there’s a new NFT card game built on the blockchain called Doctor Who World’s Apart and you can sign up here!

What are Upland Legits?

What are Upland Game Legits? They are simply a sponsored (NFT) game item. Upland is now selling NFLPA Legits which include official trading cards, caps, and other items sponsored by the National Football League Players Association.

Where can I buy Upland Legits?

You can purchase Legits from the Upland Store when available. You can trade with other players with the objective of creating a collection. Typically a new Legit release requires you to register your interest via the Store in advance. You will be notified via Discord that you can now purchase your Upland Legit.

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